Mulgrew Miller – R.I.P


The influential and much-loved jazz pianist Mulgrew Miller passed away last week at the age of 57. Miller was a key figure in keeping the aesthetic of the classic hard-bop jazz sound alive at a time when many considered it to be passé and unhip. His live trio recordings from Yoshi’s in 2003 should be required listening for any aspiring jazz piano players, and his classic 1993 album “Hand In Hand” should be on any self-respecting list of the greatest jazz records ever made. Miller was a revered figure in the modern jazz world who will be greatly missed. Check out the man’s massive talents below, first in a trio setting performing I Hear A Rhapsody and then in a mesmerizing duet performance of Day Dream with Kenny Barron which serves as a fitting tribute to an important musician who left us too soon.

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